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Clinical results (BAHS)

  Study shows majority of users favor Ponto sound processors 
A recent study conducted at EC Hannover Medical Center, showed that Ponto Pro Power users experienced a greater satisfaction when using Ponto Pro Power (Oticon Medical) compared to competitors. In fact, 9 of 11 test subjects selected Ponto Pro Power, when asked in the end of the study which device they preferred.


  Ponto abutments and tissue preservation surgery improve patient outcomes
Tissue preserving surgery has quickly become the gold standard for bone anchored hearing implants. Recent publications have confirmed that minimally invasive surgery in combination with Ponto abutments is safe and reduces operative and postoperative skin complications.

  Data shows Ponto is patients' first choice
A methodical review of studies that have compared Oticon Medical’s Ponto sound processors to other sound processors reveal that when users had the opportunity to test the performance of two different devices in daily life, the majority chose Ponto. This was found consistently across the studies where patients were asked to rate their preference at the end of the test. 

  Excellent outcomes with the Wide Ponto Implant
In a recent study, a research group from Rigshospitalet, Denmark reported their experiences of using the Wide Ponto Implant. The results reveal a safe and highly successful implant with very few complications. Implant stability, the measurement of the stability of the implant's integration with the bone, is high and increasing over time.

  Experienced users prefer Ponto Pro Power
A peer-reviewed study shows that patients can expect a significant advantage when choosing a modern power device from Oticon Medical versus a device from a competitor. Patients report a more positive experience with Ponto Pro Power and speech in noise testing results confirmed the advantage.

  Early clinical outcomes of the Ponto Implant System
Leading otolaryngologists, neuro otologists and clinics in 18 countries have performed more than 3,000 implantations with Oticon Medical’s Ponto System in the two years (2011) since the innovative bone anchored solution was first introduced. The just-released implantation numbers reflect strong acceptance for the Ponto system among physicians and surgeons throughout North America and Europe.

best in test graph
  Ponto - best in independent test
Over the last year, bone anchored hearing systems have developed considerably. In Copenhagen, Denmark, Rigshospitalet initiated and conducted a study to compare the newest products. Compared to the BP100 from Cochlear, Oticon Medical's Ponto Pro excelled on a number of key parameters, including speech intelligibility and ease of use. Out of the 12 test persons, 8 declared a preference for Ponto Pro.

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